PRESS RELEASE - 23 May 2023

Urban transformation project video now out

The Eyes Hearts Hands project launches its presentation video, highlighting its holistic perspective that considers the social, cultural, and environmental dimensions of urban development.

The video of Eyes Hearts Hands can be viewed on YouTube.

The video captures the project’s three pillars of action: sustainability, aesthetic beauty, and inclusivity in European districts. It introduces the project’s ambition to design, test, and implement solutions in 7 districts, addressing environmental and climate adaptation, social segregation, and the repurposing of existing or heritage infrastructure.

The Eye, Heart, and Hand symbolise the leaders of this urban revolution. They prioritise the aesthetic rejuvenation of urban landscapes, foster inclusive communities, and contribute to the development of more sustainable neighbourhoods. Community engagement is highlighted as a crucial aspect, emphasizing the importance of connection, a sense of belonging, and collective action.

Through a combination of visuals, captivating animations, pictures and videos from districts, the video invites viewers on a journey that will entail community workshops, participation in festivals, exhibitions, master classes, and other local activities the 7 districts will organise.

As an advocate of the New European Bauhaus, Eyes Hearts Hands merges the principles of the European Green Deal with the creation of living spaces that reflect the EU values and inspire sustainable living. The presentation video pays homage to the historical Bauhaus movement, which revolutionized German art, design, and architecture, and spread its influence across Europe. Similarly, the Eyes Hearts Hands project aspires to see its values, best practices, and co-design methodologies adopted throughout the EU.

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