NEWS RELEASE - 12 Sep 2023

Upcoming EU Mission in the Horizon Europe Program: The New European Bauhaus

The European Commission has launched a proposal for a sixth Horizon Europe mission entirely dedicated to the New European Bauhaus (NEB).

The New European Bauhaus, an interdisciplinary initiative launched in 2020, represents the EU’s ambition of creating aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and inclusive environments. Two years into its implementation, the initiative has come a long way: it now has a community of over a thousand members active in Europe, an “advisory” group made up of renowned figures in the fields of architecture, culture, design, and sustainability, and it is inspiring a number of bottom-up projects and initiatives that test and demonstrate NEB principles.

Our project Eyes Hearts Hands perfectly align with the objectives of the New European Bauhaus, showcasing its dedication to tackling significant challenges in the fields of healthcare, climate change and environment through active citizens engagement.

As the New European Bauhaus initiative continues to advance and consolidate its achievements, it now looks forward to a dedicated EU Mission. Such a mission would provide a well-organized framework, distinct objectives, and chances for synergy among the numerous activities and investments related to the project. By combining art, culture, education, science, and technology, we can develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the future.

Photo credits: Pixabay

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