NEWS RELEASE - 19 Apr 2023

The Eyes Hearts Hands city districts benefit from the New European Bauhaus-inspired renovation principles

The Eyes Hearts Hands project launches demonstration activities in 7 districts in Europe and Associated Countries.

Testing of the co-design methodology starts in 7 districts across Europe*, thus ushering in a new project phase. An example is the city of Kozani (Greece), which will engage 50 participants to provide feedback on renovation activities in the selected buildings and spaces. The engagement will also entail school visits.

Demonstration activities integrate the New European Bauhaus principles of sustainability, inclusion, and aesthetics. They will entail:

  • The executive design of renovation activities;
  • Real implementation of plans in each district;
  • Renovations at the city level through simulations and feasibility studies.

For instance, the Biodistretto will reduce the use of resources during the intervention. The process will also aim to be inclusive, overcome segregation, and become the reference for new ways of living together by involving residents from the beginning of the process. Finally, it will also promote aesthetically positive experiences, and reinforce a sense of belonging and identity.

In the coming months, partners will prepare renovation designs in line with social engagement activities and arrange tender documents to implement the selected solutions in each city. The different stages of implementation of each district will be assessed to guarantee tailored approaches sensitive to their social, technical, and financial heterogeneity.

Finally, partners acknowledged the challenges ahead, such as time constraints for setting out administrative procedures and characterising interventions that might be longer in some countries. Another challenge is to ensure local communities get involved with the new measures.

* Høje-Taastrup (Denmark), Kozani (Greece), Zoersel (Belgium), Maia (Portugal), Izmir (Turkey), Osijek (Croatia), Biodistretto (Italy).

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