NEWS RELEASE - 29 Apr 2024

EHHUR on the Rural Pact Platform

Our project EHHUR is showcased on the Rural Pact Platform, highlighting effective practices within the rural area of Nepi.

In 2021, the European Commission introduced the Rural Pact which offers a collaborative framework involving public authorities, civil society, businesses, academia, and citizens across various levels—European, national, regional, and local.

Our project, EHHUR, is featured on the Rural Pact platform with a publication highlighting the project’s good practices across the seven lighthouses. This publication focuses on the rural area of Nepi, which is experiencing depopulation and an ageing population. Nepi faces difficulties in embracing innovation and identifying local models that combines traditional methods with innovative solutions.

EHHUR objectives in Nepi

In this context, EHHUR aims to address these challenges through:

  • Renovating several public buildings in Nepi in line with the New European Bauhaus principles
  • Creating a social centre that serves as a social hub in the area
  • Setting up a local energy community
  • Introducing a fair and participatory energy transition

Success factors and lessons learnt

EHHUR had the opportunity to identify key success factors and lessons learned from this initiative. Innovative technologies and participatory processes promoting inclusivity and sustainability are central to achieving the project objectives. Raising public awareness to encourage active community participation therefore represents a success factor.

Leveraging the potential of the building complex will facilitate the exchange of initiatives and achievements in environmental, social, and sustainable practices, engaging citizens and local stakeholders.

For further details, please visit: Supporting the ecological transition in an Italian rural area | Rural Pact Community Platform (


Image credits: Pexels

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