Past Event

UIA World Congress of Architects

02-06 Jul 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark

This year, the UIA World Congress of Architects will be held in Copenhagen. The event, scheduled to take place between the 2nd and 6th of July, will bring together architects, designers, urban planners and industry professionals from all over the world.

The UIA World Congress of Architects is a prestigious event that occurs every three years, providing a unique platform for professionals in the field of architecture to share knowledge, explore innovative ideas, and discuss the future of the built environment. The city of Copenhagen is well suited to host this congress for its strong legacy within architecture and innovative urban development, along with its high ambitions on climate, sustainability and liveability. Architects and experts from science, business and politics will contribute to making the World Congress a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration about sustainable and equitable change in the built environment.

Our project Eyes Hearts Hands fits perfectly in this context, and it will be represented by our partners European Green Cities and Rimond.

For more information about the UIA World Congress of Architects, visit the website.

Image credits: Daniel Rasmussen

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