A brand-new and sustainable cultural centre for the residents of Osijek.



Osijek is the fourth-largest city in Croatia. It is also a gravitational point of all Eastern Croatia (Slavonija, Baranja and Srijem), an area where 84.9% of the colonies face depopulation. The district is committed to renovating the urban areas and enhancing the aesthetic quality considering factors such as heritage conservation.


  • POPULATION: 96,313
  • AREA: 176.36 km2
  • INTERVENTIONS: Renovation of a block of 4,416.99 m2 and surface 70.000 m2 aimed at enhancing resilience to climate changes and promoting the use of local materials.
  • INITIATIVES & STRATEGIES: In Osijek, the Breza Youth Association manages an educational programme dedicated to ecological, sustainable development (SDG), and global education, aiding adolescents who need to leave social welfare institutions.


  • Eyes

    The city centre will be renovated to turn it into the main cultural arena, with new spaces for people and cultural activities. The locations will be turned into a car-free zone, with many places designed for people to get together and organise various cultural activities.

  • Hearts

    Energy-solidarity approaches will be driven by a youth association (NGO Breza, project partner) with 1500 participants to be included in project co-design activities.

  • Hands

    Residents and stakeholders will be involved in co-designing the renovation of the locations. Residents will be invited to specifically designed workshops to support and motivate green thinking. The end goal is green sustainable interventions (mobile gardens) for an urban environment such as the installation of 0.12 MW microgrid, 3 EV vehicle chargers that can be used in NEB award-winning projects for the use of RES (biophotovoltaics for nature and people).



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Srećko Kukić
Osijek Municipality

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