Regaining public spaces with the restoration of school buildings and the Agios Dimitrios park.



Kozani is the regional capital of Western Macedonia and is home to the University of Western Macedonia. It participates in the EU Mission as one of the 100 Cities to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. The district is shifting from lignite-based DHN to renewable energy, with the aim of improving the city’s look. It actively involves residents and co-designs improvements with them.


  • POPULATION: 71,388
  • AREA: 1071.3 km2
  • INTERVENTIONS: Renovation of two primary schools (3915 m2), and a University Research Centre (3295.20 m2) by installing bio-based insulation, efficient frames, smart control and a microgrid composed of PVs on the roof of schools (10 kW), smart devices, BEMS and a charging station for electric vehicles. Upgrade also of the Municipal Park of Agios Dimitrios through aesthetic and other highly efficient interventions.
  • INITIATIVES & STRATEGIES: Pilot engagement model with at least 50 participants for final renovation activities in the selected buildings and spaces.


  • Eyes

    Two primary schools and the University Research Centre (Area of Agios Dimitrios) will be renovated by installing heat insulation, efficient frames, smart control, a microgrid composed of small PVs in the roof (5-10 kW), smart devices, BEMS and a charging station for electric vehicles. Aesthetic upgrade of the Park of Agios Dimitrios, with hotspots providing information about CO2 emissions reduction and benefits; installation of EV chargers and e-sharing services, to promote a more environment-friendly citizen behaviour. Selected areas will be enhanced with innovative design and activities in open spaces.

  • Hearts

    Citizen's energy communities and community-based flexibility that were unlocked in Kozani will actively encourage inclusive and sustainable energy behaviour that protects households and vulnerable people. As a result, young residents who are just beginning to learn about smart energy solutions will benefit from deploying renewable energy sources in school settings. Finally, the presentation of rehabilitation solutions will encourage environment-friendly development in the region and help people realise the significance of a move away from lignite.

  • Hands

    Residents will have the opportunity to be involved in the design phase and come in touch with innovative learning by being exposed to creative sustainable solutions. These solutions will elevate the people's quality of life, and promote energy sustainability and the low-carbon urban transition. This shift, led by the public, puts the integration of renewable energy sources, energy storage and IoT at the core, thus creating a competitive advantage for the region and the municipality of Kozani.



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