The creation of a Citizens Energy Community centered around the social housing area of Gadehavegård.



Høje-Taastrup is a municipality located in the Hovedstaden region of Denmark, approximately 20 km west of Copenhagen. The municipality is committed to addressing social and environmental challenges exacerbated by segregation and social exclusion in areas with a “ghetto” layout. The establishment of the first Citizen Energy Community (CEC) in Høje-Taastrup will involve various local stakeholders. It will tackle social and economic challenges through the participation of the local community.


  • POPULATION: 54,000
  • AREA: 78 km² (incl. 52 km² rural areas)
  • INTERVENTIONS: Renovation of min. 1 block, 52 flats (3,800 m2) and a new building with 286 homes (about 30,000 m2); car park turned into a park equipped for exercise and relaxation (4000 m2).
  • INITIATIVES & STRATEGIES: Høje-Taastrup Municipality adopted the national Climate Plan 2030 in 2021, which serves as an overarching framework for social and environmental development. Høje-Taastrup is also seeking to attract schools, campuses, and other educational facilities to the district surrounding Gadehavegård, in order to transform the area into “Vidensbyen” (the city of knowledge).


  • Eyes

    The Gadehavegård residential area will undergo renovation, including the construction of new privately owned flats, nursing homes, youth housing and a community activity centre. The renovation process will commence with a demonstration building that showcases numerous sustainable features and cultural elements.

  • Hearts

    A CEC will be established to empower the citizens of Gadehavegård to co-create their own sustainable energy solutions. This could include solar panels, charging stations for EVs.

  • Hands

    A concerted effort will be made to foster communication with stakeholders and involve various groups in co-creation processes to guide the transformation of Gadehavegård and the surrounding district.



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