Inclusive social innovation practices for a renovated health and social care district of Nepi.



Nepi is part of the Biodistretto which is a rural area in central Italy. The population is very active in environmental sustainability, including renewable energy. The Biodistretto della Via Amerina e delle Forre was founded in 2011 and currently includes 13 municipalities in the province of Viterbo, in central Italy, associations of organic farmers and associations active in tourism promotion. The bio-district aims at a sustainable transformation in various sectors including organic agriculture, energy transition, with energy communities, and slow and sustainable tourism. The objective of the bio-district is to favour the ecological transition in the territory as a whole and improve the well-being of residents.


  • POPULATION: 70,000
  • AREA: 486 km2
  • INTERVENTIONS: Energy efficiency improvement of a public building owned by the Municipality of Nepi and establishment of Citizens Energy Communities to support the definition of a smart mobility network.
  • INITIATIVES & STRATEGIES: The bio-district’s strategy involves getting the public and private sectors to share skills and to work together. This will be achieved through conferences, public meetings, technical support and by bringing together local stakeholders from agriculture, energy and tourism. The bio-district has a Scientific Committee which has drawn up a three-year plan approved by the Assembly.


  • Eyes

    The Local Health Board (ASL) headquarters and social associations will enhance their energy efficiency and new RES techs will be installed to create local energy communities and encourage the electric mobility network.

  • Hearts

    Elderly people's associations, the ASL and No-profit organisations will be involved to support vulnerable people and residents for co-design activities. An energy community will be established where even the most disadvantaged residents can have economic and energy benefits.

  • Hands

    Buildings will be renovated, new RES technology installed, local energy communities created, and an electric mobility network will be designed and implemented.



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